15, Dec 2022
How the odds are made at the bookmakers

The initial odds at the bookmakers, as far as the timing of the inclusion of events is concerned, are determined by the attractiveness of the match, the league and the event. Very popular guesses reflect people’s personal input; in particular, “commercial” favourites often receive significantly more bets than the actual probability (we are talking about […]

step to successful betting
16, Nov 2022
Step by step to successful betting

In the previous part, we introduced our tutorial “Step by step to successful betting”. We highlighted specific topics that we will focus on in individual chapters of the tutorial. This time, in the second part, we will focus on the first important topic. Do you know what a good bet is? Have you heard of […]

Tips for Beginners
11, Oct 2022
Best Online Sweepstake Tips for Beginners

The reasons for the popularity of sports betting can be narrowed down to one. This is a great opportunity, It combines two of the most popular activities – sport and making money. Another significant aspect of why sweepstakes are also so popular in Latvia is that anyone can do it, even if they are not […]

more casino bonuses
14, Sep 2022
Discover more casino bonuses

Casino bonuses are currently quite varied, mainly due to the continued emergence of new online casinos in the gambling industry. The competition between casino operators results in players getting better casino bonuses. The fact that gaming manufacturers are also competing is also important. It is therefore not uncommon to see 100 risk-free spins or no […]

true gambling stories
12, Aug 2022
Crazy but true gambling stories

Every day, casino enthusiasts are looking for new and real money games. Players are looking for entertainment as well as reward, so the search continues. Online slot games are among the most promising casino services on offer. And they often bring some crazy stories! The good thing with slots is that they don’t require skill […]

Gaming machines
6, Jul 2022
Gaming machines for real money

Online casinos are one of the most popular forms of online entertainment in the world today. They attract thousands of players every day and offer many more advantages than land-based casinos. The most popular casino games you can come across in online casinos are undoubtedly real money slots. There can literally be thousands of real […]

win at online slots
22, Jun 2022
How to win at online slots – 4 real tips

If you’ve searched the internet for tips on how to play slots or online slots better, you’ve already found a variety of suggestions. Some might be good, others might not. This time, we’ve decided to share some real tips that we’ve tried out in real life and that work in Latvia’s legal or licensed casinos, […]

Win Real Big Money at Slots
18, May 2022
Best Tricks to Win Real Big Money at Slots

Play slots with a higher return percentage As we have already explained, an important consideration when choosing a slot machine is the so-called Return To Player (RTP). Let’s find out what it is and why it is important. What is a payback percentage? The payback percentage is a figure, usually expressed as a percentage, that […]