how live betting works
23, Feb 2023
The ABC of how live betting works

There have been diverse advancements in sports betting incorporated into the betting world by sportsbooks to guarantee optimal user experience. And live betting is one of the best and latest improvements in sports betting, offering bettors the best betting opportunity and entertainment.

Live betting allows users flexibility while betting and actively betting on the go. So while betting based on the odds before the game based on the odds provided by bookie is standard, bettors now have the chance to bet on games as they progress. However, this option is primarily available for online bettors on credible online casinos, including TonyBet and other proven legitimate online sports bookers. Here’s a breakdown of what live betting is and how it works.

What is live betting?

What is live betting

Live betting is a type of betting also known as in-running or in-play betting. It is an improvement from conventional betting, which only allows you to bet before the beginning of a game. However, with live betting, you can make additional wagers while the game goes on! Live betting requires immediate reactions to games and keeps a bettor glued to the end. 

You may sometimes place wagers at any point during quarters on different things as the game goes on. Other betting types also depend on the kind of game you’re playing and the sportsbook’s technological capacity.

How does live betting work?

One reason live betting is mainly used on online sportsbooks rather than land-based counterparts is because of the technological resources needed to make live betting work, including keeping up with the game and implementing various changes swiftly. So, how does this work?

The odds of a game can change severally from when it starts until the game ends due to various factors and occurrences during the game. For example, if, before the game begins, the odds favour Team X to win, but Team Y leads a few minutes after the game kicks off, this will be reflected in the odds. And although Team X may still be the favourite, they now have a lower chance of winning, raising their odds and giving whoever wants to bet on Team X better odds.

Besides goals and scoring, many other things change the odds at every given point, depending on significant events during the game. This is determined by a computer algorithm which constantly updates information about the ongoing event.

Advantages of live betting

Advantages of live betting

What’s so great about live betting, and how does it benefit users? There are different advantages of live betting you should know, and they include the following:

  1. Placing more strategic bets: when you need help deciding what to bet, you can wait to see the game’s progress and the performance of different teams before betting away your money. You can also bet on various aspects of the sporting event.
  2. No bet deadlines: the only time you can no longer place bets on an event is when it has ended. Otherwise, you can still place your bets at the initial stages without worrying about missing out on the game. 

Live betting is mainly advantageous to sports bookers, and smart gamblers utilise it to make strategic and intelligent bets. 

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