Licensed Sports Betting Bookie
23, Feb 2023
How to know a Licensed Sports Betting Bookie

Most sportsbooks operate gambling licenses on their platforms, not just any type but quality licensing. To be ranked higher in the industry, bookies need to operate on a superior gambling license. 

A gambling license’s primary goal is to oversee how these sportsbooks run their businesses so that you, the client, are always put first. Consequently, it is essential to understand the type of license an online bookmaker operates under before signing up. The goal is to go for quality because these licenses are advantageous for your gambling. 

Check the Sites Homepage

Check the Sites Homepage

Every bookmaker is required to disclose the kind of gaming license they hold. If you check the homepage of any online bookie and look at the base, you will see the name of the gambling license they operate. Some bookmakers may have several licenses, typically a local license and an international license. The function of the international license is to cater to the needs of international customers. Also, it is what enables them to operate in any country the gambling license covers. 

Checking the Bookmaker on the Gambling License Official Site

There are thousands of online sports betting sites out there for bettors. So, if they operate a gambling license or don’t, it is up to you to decide whether to join or not. Also, some may display false licenses on their platforms because most bettors do not verify the licenses. Therefore, check if a site licensing is legitimate by checking the website of the license provider to see if the bookmaker’s name is there. 

When you put your details in the 22Bet login page and click proceed, you will see it operates the Curacao egaming license. To verify it, you can visit the gambling license official website and look at their customer list for the sportsbook’s name. In addition, the Curacao gaming license is among the top licenses operating in the betting industry. Hence, you know you are getting quality service when on these platforms. 

Signing Up for a Licensed Bookmaker

Signing Up for a Licensed Bookmaker

Quality licensed bookmakers are not strict in their requirements when creating an account on their platform. Despite the top-notch service rendered, signing up is very easy. 

To sign up, simply click the register button and fill out the form that appears with the necessary information. Most licensed betting sites usually ask for a phone number, email, and name to process your sign-up. Sites with international licenses may also ask for country of residence and preferred choice of currency. Once the form is completed, you create a password so that only you have access to your account. 

After submitting the form, the next step is to wait for a confirmation mail, which usually comes immediately or in minutes. Once you click on the confirmation mail, your sign-up is complete. Therefore, you can log into your account with your email and password.

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