Licensed Sports Betting Bookie
23, Feb 2023
How to know a Licensed Sports Betting Bookie

Most sportsbooks operate gambling licenses on their platforms, not just any type but quality licensing. To be ranked higher in the industry, bookies need to operate on a superior gambling license.  A gambling license’s primary goal is to oversee how these sportsbooks run their businesses so that you, the client, are always put first. Consequently, […]

15, Dec 2022
How the odds are made at the bookmakers

The initial odds at the bookmakers, as far as the timing of the inclusion of events is concerned, are determined by the attractiveness of the match, the league and the event. Very popular guesses reflect people’s personal input; in particular, “commercial” favourites often receive significantly more bets than the actual probability (we are talking about […]

step to successful betting
16, Nov 2022
Step by step to successful betting

In the previous part, we introduced our tutorial “Step by step to successful betting”. We highlighted specific topics that we will focus on in individual chapters of the tutorial. This time, in the second part, we will focus on the first important topic. Do you know what a good bet is? Have you heard of […]