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12, Aug 2022
Crazy but true gambling stories

Every day, casino enthusiasts are looking for new and real money games. Players are looking for entertainment as well as reward, so the search continues. Online slot games are among the most promising casino services on offer. And they often bring some crazy stories!

The good thing with slots is that they don’t require skill or strategy. Anyone can have a crazy story after a stroke of luck. Plus, they are the most popular games at both online casinos. This makes them come up with surprises. However, some crazy stories have happened outside these one-armed bandits and other casino games that only require luck. Here are some:

Ethereum exits scam

When a player beat the popular Ethereum game Fomo3D and won around $3 million in 2018, he sent shockwaves across the internet. The online casino experience seemed unparalleled. It was like playing slots and getting the best scatters and hitting the jackpot at the same time.

Tiger Woods return bet

With a mortgage and unpaid college loans, James Aducci was heavily in debt. In April 2019, during the final round of the Masters, he invested $85,000 of his life savings on Tiger Woods’ performance. With his wife’s reluctant consent, he made his first sports bet and won almost $1.2 million.

60K Roulette

60K Roulette

Jake Cody, the best British poker player, won more than £42,670 in a tournament. But rather than settle for what some might consider a modest annual salary, he chose to bet it all on a game of roulette. Cody was lucky to win £85,340.

Gambling is a highly addictive activity

Gambling is not always about huge winnings. For many people, it is an addiction. Michael Jordan, widely regarded as one of the best basketball players of all time, has a long history of bizarre gambling incidents. His gambling problem was so serious that it was rumoured that he was forced to leave the NBA in 1993 because the league could not cope with it.

Private gambling through robbery

Gregory Boluzan, a Las Vegas preacher, was jailed in 2017 for robbing the M Resort Casino three times. Similarly, in 2016, a man named Kerry Johnson was charged with robbing a bank in West Virginia. According to reports, he left to rob the bank and then returned to the casino to continue gambling.

Big online roulette loss

An Australian man blamed his extravagant spending on prescription drugs. The customer, whose identity was concealed, filed a lawsuit claiming that he had lost USD 400 000 in less than 24 hours. In a similar story, Alex, a self-proclaimed gambling addict, reported that he lost £127 000 playing an online roulette game in just 26 minutes.

From 14 cents to 1300 USD

From 14 cents to 1300 USD

Kevin Maselli is known to have introduced a small, occasional $0.14 into an NCAA tournament game. He had a penchant for betting small amounts on many tournament games, and the selections were entirely dependent on winning. He earned $1,345.78 from a 14 cent bet from his DraftKings online account.

Earn $1 million from $5

Harold McDowell from New Jersey won $1 million by placing a $5 bet at an Atlantic City casino. McDowell bet $5 on a three-card poker game with a 6-card bonus. It was the first time that bet paid off at the Borgata, and the odds of winning the Bonus Royal Flush were 1 in 20,348,320, according to analysts.

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