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14, Sep 2022
Discover more casino bonuses

Casino bonuses are currently quite varied, mainly due to the continued emergence of new online casinos in the gambling industry. The competition between casino operators results in players getting better casino bonuses. The fact that gaming manufacturers are also competing is also important. It is therefore not uncommon to see 100 risk-free spins or no first deposit welcome bonuses in casino bonuses.

Casino deposit bonus

This bonus is calculated on the deposit made by players, so the first thing to find out is how much of a deposit triggers the deposit bonus. Example: you deposit €100 and receive a €10 bonus. This can be in the form of free spins, cashback or real money in your account. The bonus can also be withdrawn after topping up your game account.

Cashback bonus

Cashback bonus

Players are refunded a portion of their lost bets after the condition is met. If the cashback bonus provides 50% insurance on bets up to €100, then for example, if you are down €50 in the first week, the casino will deduct €25 back. The cash-back bonus can be either a percentage of your lost money or a percentage of your lost bets. In addition, there is a maximum amount that can be refunded.

Promotions and loyalty programmes

During the festive season, when players can set aside more time for their entertainment, various casino promotions and cash prizes appear. These are usually free spins on certain slots, but sometimes it’s real money.

Casino loyalty programmes are designed for active regular players. Once players accumulate a certain amount of loyalty points, they can redeem them for free spins or cash. Once a player reaches the VIP level, they can receive different types of prizes at the best casinos, such as tickets to a gaming tournament or other event.

Turnover requirements

Turnover requirements are applied to bonuses quite frequently. Players who do not meet the requirements cannot claim their winnings. A turnover condition is a specific number that indicates how many times the bonus funds will have to be rolled over. The turnover requirements can apply to both the casino bonus money and the deposit and bonus money at the same time, so the amount to be rolled can be doubled.

Example: The online casino bonus has a 100% match and a turnover requirement of 30. This means that if you deposit €10, 10 plus 10 is multiplied by 30 to get 600. So we’ve worked out that you need to turn over €600 before you can get the bonus money.

How a casino operator protects itself from unnecessary losses

unnecessary losses

There are several reasons why casino bonuses are subject to turnover conditions. Bonus hunting is quite popular among players. Players sign up, receive their bonus and soon empty their game accounts. If there were no turnover conditions, online casinos would be loss-making.

Another important reason is to reduce the circulation of criminal proceeds. Casinos can do this in two ways: by reducing the amount to be withdrawn and by imposing turnover conditions. Example: a withdrawal bonus is 100% insurance up to €1000, while a turnover condition is 10x. You deposit, for example, €100 and the casino adds another €100. When the bet amount reaches €2,000, the casino bonus money will be credited to your game account.

A player account can only be opened at online casinos in some countries by citizens or permanent residents of that country who have their own bank account and are of legal age at the time of registration. In addition, linking the player account to a bank account helps to trace the origin of the money if necessary. These conditions are strictly observed by any licensed online casino, otherwise it may result in the intervention of the gaming and gambling supervisory authorities and the suspension of the licence. Getting a casino licence back and restarting operations is a complicated process.

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