Win Real Big Money at Slots
18, May 2022
Best Tricks to Win Real Big Money at Slots

Play slots with a higher return percentage

As we have already explained, an important consideration when choosing a slot machine is the so-called Return To Player (RTP). Let’s find out what it is and why it is important.

What is a payback percentage?

The payback percentage is a figure, usually expressed as a percentage, that indicates how much a slot machine pays out in the long run, for a very large number of spins (we’re talking millions here).

For example, if a slot machine has a return percentage of 97%, then in the long run players will get €97 out of €100 invested. The payback percentage will always be less than 100. Of course, if you make a few hundred or a thousand spins, anything can happen and that is what makes the game interesting.

The payback percentage for online slots

On the plus side, online slots have a higher return percentage than in traditional casinos. For example, internet casino slots with a return percentage below 94% are generally considered unprofitable. In traditional casinos, this is already a high return percentage.

You can usually see the payback percentage of each slot machine at their general information in online casinos. We also always include this information in our reviews of the most popular slots (Book of Ra, Starburst, Divine Fortune, Book of Kambala). The most popular slot machine in Latvia, Book of Ra, has a payback percentage of 95.1%.

Avoid progressive jackpot slots

Avoid progressive jackpot slots

Your favourite slots on the internet may be jackpot slots, and that’s okay. They give you a bigger adrenaline rush and much bigger potential wins. Who wouldn’t want to win tens or hundreds of thousands of jackpots, right?

However, in order to secure this jackpot (read: collect the money for the big win), the game developers set a lower return percentage for these machines. Yes, it is possible that for this type of machine, the return percentage is, for example, 95%. But remember – that includes that one, very rare and huge win. So just by playing the game, the payout percentage is much lower.

Don’t play the newer games in the online casino

We understand that there is a strong desire to try new things in the world of online slots, and every online casino goes to great lengths to promote the latest slots. There’s nothing wrong with trying them out.

However, we would like to point out that their payback percentage is usually slightly worse than for other games, as the game has to accumulate a certain amount to be paid out to players afterwards. So if you’re thinking of playing more seriously, it’s worth waiting a little longer or just playing a low-stakes, short game. After all, there is a wide range of casino games on offer in Latvia today.

Avoid themed online casino slots

Internet casinos offer you the chance to get to playing themed slots very quickly and easily. We can’t blame you if you’re a Game of Thrones fan and choose this game for your casino. But remember, slots based on movies, cartoons and TV shows are a marketing tool.

They often have a low return on investment because you have to pay to obtain a licence from the film makers. Also, bonus games may not come as often as in traditional online slots.

Play a variety of online slots

Every gambler knows the feeling when the black bar comes – the slot machine is giving you nothing. In such a situation, it is foolish to expect a bonus game or a big jackpot to pop up right now. The best online casinos have the advantage of offering hundreds of slots. Betsafe, for example, offers almost 1000 slots. Just try another game – it’s easy.

Don’t play for a long time or every day

Slots can bring quite big wins in the short term, but if you play them for a long time, it’s pretty clear that you’ll lose your money. Playing games of chance for long periods of time can never pay off, because casinos have an advantage. This also applies to online casinos. We therefore recommend playing for short periods of time and only a few times a week.

Set your own limits

Set your own limits

We can’t get away from the fact that slots are a game of luck and the outcome of each spin is completely random. Yes, setting limits will prevent you from winning, but it will reduce the chance of being too far behind. If you want to have fun in an online casino with €100, for example, don’t play more than that! In casinos, it’s always the player who can leave on time who wins.

Watch out for alcohol

This advice seems obvious: gambling and excessive alcohol consumption (and we’re not talking about one or two drinks here) don’t go together. Your decision-making abilities are impaired. In games like poker or blackjack, it almost guarantees a loss.

It may seem that online slots are not so crazy, because luck is more important. However, when you accidentally hit the maximum bet or stop paying attention to the game time and don’t keep track of your account, the picture can turn very gloomy. Slot machines can also lose a lot, and quite quickly, especially when alcohol is involved.

In conclusion

It is clear that online slots are not and cannot be a permanent source of income. They are a really exciting and fun form of entertainment if you know your limits and you know how to go out on time. Read more about responsible gaming here.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the slots return percentage, take advantage of the bonuses offered by online casinos (especially the risk-free spins) and don’t play just one online slot machine, and keep track of the amount you bet and the time you spend.

Playing at casinos licensed in Latvia, you can be sure that all games are certified and fair, and you can worry about payouts and the security of your personal data. As always, you’ll find the best online casinos in Latvia here. Maybe you should try your luck now?

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