Travel medical insurance, sometimes called overseas travel medical insurance

Travel medical insurance, sometimes called overseas travel medical insurance, is a kind of temporary travel medical insurance cover that travelers to any destination acquire to gain coverage protection against sudden illness or accident that takes place while they are in the host country. This is the most important type of travel insurance because sudden illnesses and accidents can occur at any time. If an individual is traveling by airplane, car or bus they will be covered under the airlines’ medical assistance plan. However, most people traveling by plane will not be covered if the plane is being canceled, delayed or is being flight delayed. If they are covered with this travel medical insurance before making the trip then they will have some coverage in place once there.

Most people purchase trip cancellation benefits when purchasing travel insurance to cover pre-existing conditions, their family member’s medical expenses and lost luggage/property. These trip cancellation benefits are very popular and a wise choice for anyone who frequently makes international trips. The trip cancellation benefits are comprehensive plans that will reimburse the full amount of the policy holder’s policy or the face value of the policy holder’s foreign currency.

Kinds of comprehensive travel insurance plans

A few different kinds of comprehensive travel insurance plans are available to the traveler. One of these plans is known as the global health insurance plans. This plan provides coverage for medical treatment in over 200 countries around the globe. There are certain medical conditions that this plan does not cover. Trip Cancellation and Trip Change Cover are two other types of comprehensive travel insurance plans. These policies provide protection from trip cancellations and trip changes due to medical conditions.

Another type of comprehensive travel insurance policy is the regular or routine medical coverage. This is the type of plan that is designed to provide coverage for routine medical procedures, prescription drugs, dental treatments, vision care, hospitalization, emergency medical coverage and certain emergency medical services. Many travelers prefer to choose the regular medical coverage policy because they do not need the emergency medical coverage or the prescription drugs. Emergency medical coverage and routine medical coverage are also very helpful for the travelers who are overstressed, contagious or have some other pre-existing medical condition.

Long-term or short-term travel medical insurance policies

Long-term and Short-term Plans traveler’s can also go for long-term or short-term travel medical insurance policies. The long-term travel medical insurance plan will help the travelers by covering the entire cost of medical treatment during an extended stay overseas. These plans usually require you to pay a premium for the policy every month. The benefit of this kind of plan is that you can extend your medical coverage abroad for a specific period of time. If you purchase an insurance plan of this kind, you should be prepared to pay the full amount of the premium every month for the duration of the plan.

The short-term travel medical insurance plan, as the name suggests, only covers medical expenses up to a specific period of time. Unlike the long-term travel health insurance policy, the short-term plan does not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. The coverage provided under the short-term plan is usually only good for the first sixty days of stay abroad. You can extend the coverage period for further thirty days if the doctor requests it from you.

Another type of travel insurance is the secondary coverage

Another type of travel insurance is the secondary coverage. It is sometimes provided as a complementary service to the primary insurance plan. In most of the cases, you can buy this secondary coverage online. In order to get the discount, you should buy a separate insurance policy than the primary one.

This kind of health plan is very useful for those travelers who are frequent travelers and for the ones who are short on cash. The annual premiums of this type of insurance are much lower than the premiums of the other types. You can save more money if you go for this plan rather than the other health plans. You need to keep in mind that even though you are getting the best rates for this particular type of insurance, there is no assurance whether the doctor’s services and hospital’s services are covered by your insurance company. It is highly recommended that you must take this coverage when traveling to countries of different climates and geographical areas.

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